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Dogtown & Z-Boys can be checked out from library reserve. You can also rent the film from Amazon instant video and other services.

1. Here is the video on girls and women who skate:

"Can You Kickflip?" a documentary about female skateboarders. from alex white on Vimeo

2. Here is the video on Southbank in London (as noted on Moodle: not only is the Southbank skate space being preserved, but, after the political fight documented in the film, the property owners are now partnering with skaters to improve and expand the space. Read more):



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Jonah Yano

South bank in London was a very interesting film. I learned that the youth can take a place that nobody uses and make it into something that expresses themselves.

Cole Herschbach

I think the first film was really cool and interesting. To see the youth come together as a community and stop the owners from tearing it down was really cool.

Mat Carpenter

I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary I had watched it with a bowl of popcorn and an ice-cold Pepsi.

Bethanie Altamirano

I thought it was interesting how the body played in these documentaries like it's so out of the norm for females to skate.

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